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At Kingswood Primary School we aspire to give our children the skills and knowledge to be historians who are confident to question and enquire events of the past.


We aim to celebrate children’s learning and create passion and excitement for investigating how the past has influenced the present. ​

Curriculum Overviews.



Our history curriculum aims to give children a clear chronological understanding of the events in history through cross curricular learning which has meaningful and embedded literacy links. We teach the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression.


In History, pupils find evidence, weigh it up and reach their own conclusion. To do this successfully, as historians, they need to be able to research, interpret evidence, including primary and secondary sources, and have the necessary skills to argue for their point of view.​


Our history curriculum will lead pupils to be enthusiastic historians, evidenced in a range of ways, including pupil voice and their work.  


Upon leaving Kingswood Primary School to embark on their journey to Key Stage 3 learning, children will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to confidently and critically follow a line of enquiry and select appropriate evidence from different sources to determine their own views an opinions.​

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