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Bienvenue à Kingswood!


Our MFL teaching focuses on French (with Spanish offered as an after-school activity). We aim to develop the essential skills to learn a foreign language and to develop ‘intuition’ for languages by engaging children through practical role play, music, games, art and enrichment sessions.


We teach French to develop communication skills and to encourage intercultural knowledge and understanding, empowering every child to claim their place as a ‘World Citizen’ with a lifelong passion and curiosity for languages and language learning.​

Curriculum Overviews

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French is taught  from Year 3 to Year 6  for a total of 30 minutes per week, with an emphasis on developing oral communication, mainly following La Jolie Ronde programme in accordance with the KS2 Framework.


Initially, the emphasis is on French pronunciation, building up vocabulary, simple commands and exchanges and making links between sounds and spellings.


Following on from this, children will be taught semantic structures that will allow them to give simple information, express likes/dislikes and opinions and connect ideas.

Alongside this, children will learn about aspects of French culture and the extent and diversity of the Francophone world.​


Our MFL curriculum will give children the opportunity regularly to showcase what they have learnt in their class workshare assemblies across a range of subject areas. Through regular repetition we aim to ensure consolidation of each topic area and the opportunity to identify any gaps in learning that need to be addressed.


We aim to give children the skills and knowledge to be culturally sensitive and culturally aware and have a solid basis for building on their language learning as they move on to secondary school. ​

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